Join Us for the Day

We venerate ALOHA

and give thanks for this food,

the work of many beings

and the offerings of all forms of life.


Sunset, Sunrise. New Beginnings

From our Opening Chant at The City of Refuge, till we jump waves and offer flowers for Iemanja on New Year’s Day, this Holiday Celebration Cleanse promises to delight your body, mind, and soul.

Spend seven days with us at Gingerhill Farm Retreat Center. Enjoy peace and tranquility with spectacular ocean views and mesmerizing sunsets. Daily meditation and yoga practice coupled with three days of Green Juice cleansing will detox and rejuvenate your tired body while offering serenity and a space to reflect on our busy daily lives.

Don’t miss this opportunity to experience the Big Island of Hawaii the Gingerhill Farm Way. Click here for details


Farm Stay


Come stay with us on the farm. We have the Garden Cottage!

And the Sunset Suite in the main house






I feel as if my shoulders have been completely transformed. I do not think I was even aware of how bad my posture

was before, but now I feel as if my chest and neck have opened up. I feel taller, more erect and more aware. I am

now mindful of my spine and I do not hunch as much. I feel as if my body is more aligned. But more than anything

else I am now much more aware of my body, how it is feeling, and what I can do to fix it. (Emma)





For the last 8 years or so I’ve been lifting weights and sprinting. That, in combination with genetics, left me with a

very tight, VERY inflexible body. Since starting yoga I have noticed a dramatic change in the way I can bend, twist,

and fold my body. Yoga has taught me that I can change my body in this way, whereas before I thought I was stuck

with the inflexibility that I felt all through my life. The breathing exercises in yoga have taught me to control and

focus my body while exercising. (Liam)


Gingerhill Farm

Gingerhill Farm

Gingerhill Farm

Gingerhill Farm