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We venerate ALOHA

and give thanks for this food,

the work of many beings

and the offerings of all forms of life.



Farm Stay


Come stay with us on the farm. We have the Garden Cottage!

And the Sunset Suite in the main house






For the last 8 years or so I’ve been lifting weights and sprinting. That, in combination with genetics, left me with a

very tight, VERY inflexible body. Since starting yoga I have noticed a dramatic change in the way I can bend, twist,

and fold my body. Yoga has taught me that I can change my body in this way, whereas before I thought I was stuck

with the inflexibility that I felt all through my life. The breathing exercises in yoga have taught me to control and

focus my body while exercising. (Liam)



Working at Ginger Hill Farm was an extremely rewarding experience that I hope to be able to duplicate going forward in my life. Not only did I learn the ins and outs of organic farming, but I was also given the freedom to develop my own projects to benefit the farm. My experience at Ginger Hill was educational, enlightening, and inspiring.

Zakary Jaques


Gingerhill Farm

Gingerhill Farm

Gingerhill Farm

Gingerhill Farm