Operations Manual


Our aim is to deepen our spiritual practice through clean living. We do not encourage the regular use of stimulants, alcohol or drugs. We generally go to bed and rise early. We commit to maintaininga tidy appearance both with our bodies and our surroundings. We will monitor our noise levels and discourage aimless talk. Our wish is to live in elevated, honest and amicable relation with one another and the larger community.


In respect of the other members at Gingerhill Farm, and in order to foster a sanitary and healthy living environment, we will strive to maintain reasonable levels of hygiene about our clothes and person.


Meditation begins promptly at 6am Monday through Friday. Meditation is not mandatory but is highly encouraged. In order not to disrupt the group, we ask that you arrive on-time. After the bell chimes, please do not enter the meditation hall.


Pre-Breakfast chores may include but are not limited to the following: Making the Green Drink. Harvesting fruit and greens. Sweeping the main hall, veranda, kitchen or garage. Breakfast preparation.

BREAKFAST 6:50am – 7:20am

Breakfast always consists of our medicinal Green Drink. Make sure Breakfast dishes including Vita-mix are washed and put away.

FARMING 8:00am – 10:30am

Appropriate clothing including sunhat and shoes recommended. Be warned – Farming may stain or otherwise ruin clothes. Show up hydrated, with gloves if necessary and ready to work. You will be asked to perform a variety of chores and tasks. We believe that no task is so small, so insignificant that it doesn’t allow for an opportunity to practice mindfulness, concentration, gratitude, correct posture, etc. Be aware. Use your senses.

YOGA 11:00

Practitioners should arrive to class hydrated, on time, appropriately dressed, fresh smelling with clean hands and feet. Class can get crowded and we share communal yoga mats. Talking is limited and phones should be silenced or left in your room. If you must leave early, advise the instructor. Watch the clock and make sure you leave yourself 10 minutes to practice Svasana before exiting.


Everyone helps with lunch prep and clean up unless otherwise instructed. Wash hands. Clean pots, pans and dishes as you go to expedite after-lunch clean up. Leave all prep surfaces clean and dry.


Unless otherwise instructed, interns will be expected to perform an hour and a half of chores around the farm in the afternoon. Afternoon chores are performed unsupervised on an honor system model. Available tasks will be updated and posted on a weekly TO DO list. Clarifying questions are encouraged. Suggestions are usually appreciated.


In our commitment to leave a lighter footprint, we ask all residents and visitors to observe sound conservation practices. Basic tenets may include but are not limited to:

Turning off lights when exiting a room. Unplugging unused appliances. Awareness of running water.
Efficient laundry practice: Choosing the right size load and temperature. Hanging clothes to dry in the sun when possible.

Watering plants in the evening or early morning to minimize evaporation.

Recycle and reuse everything. Makes sure recyclables are disposed of in the appropriate bins.


We try to use mostly plant-based or otherwise innocuous products here at the farm. Biodegradable soaps, shampoos, conditioners and detergents are recommended.

Avoid: Chlorine Bleach, SLS (Sodium Laurel Sulfate) and other heavy detergents.

Be super-conscious about what you pour down the drain or flush down the toilet. If in doubt, ask.


Dinner is offered for a fee to paying guests. Advance notice is required. Otherwise there are a number of decent eateries in the neighborhood. Feel free to ask for recommendations

Residents and guests are asked not to hang around the main house kitchen at dinnertime unless they have bought into the meal. This is so that main house residents and guests may comfortably enjoy their suppers without disturbance.

We welcome your fertility here at Gingerhill Farm. Feel free to urinate discreetly on the grounds. Try not to urinate near edible or directly on tender or edible plants or too many times in the same area. Avoid well-populated areas or main paths of egress.

We have flush and compost toilets here at the Farm. Be kind to our septic systems and dispose of lightly -soiled papers in the wastepaper basket. Try not to urinate in composting toilets and always cover up wastes with provided dry mulch material after each use.

Are asked to treat this farm as if they were residing members of the community here. We ask that you enter harmoniously into our communal rhythm and leave your surroundings as you found them upon your arrival, or better.

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