What to Bring

What to bring:


Plenty of work clothes. Both the soil and the bananas stain fabric a light brown color.

We recommend long-sleeve lightweight, breathable clothes.

Expect to change shirts regularly.


Sturdy shoes and or rain boots. Water-proof is nice on dewy mornings.

Workout/ yoga wear.

Rain slicker.

Bathing suit.

Sturdy sandals or Crocs.

Bath towels.


Non-toxic insect repellant.

Biodegradable toothpaste soaps and shampoo/ conditioner.

Non-toxic mosquito coils or citronella candles.

Water bottle.


We recommend the following tools:

Machete with scabbard.


We like the Tramontina 14-18 inch version. My personal preference is 16″  with a wooden handle. We advise a scabbard as well. Other brands will also serve you well. But we recommend one with a sharp tip as opposed to other shapes. Remember that the bolo styles will be hard to fit in a scabbard. Here in Hawaii, Lowes sells an 18inch version with a nylon scabbard for $20. It can also be found on amazon. Click Here for link.

Pruners with carrying case.

You can pay as much as $50 for a Felco version but my friend Antonio said he’s had his for 17 years and never sharpened them once. I have other friends that swear by these Japanese pruners:

They are a great deal at around $30 and come in three sizes. Click Here for link.

.I have had a pair of these ARS version for the past year and they have served me well. They run about $50 – $60. Click Here for link.

Don’t forget to get a carrying case with a clip for your belt or you will be losing them in the grass.



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