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Gingerhill Farm Retreat is a farm community dedicated to exploring sustainability, self-sufficiency, and stewardship of the land. To these ends, we have transformed our lush five-acre plot into a verdant botanical food forest. As you meander through our gardens and orchards you will marvel at the incredible abundance and beauty available to organic farms in Hawaii. Through our various programs, we invite the community and international guests to join us in our daily routine of work and wellness. Come enjoy expansive ocean views and postcard sunsets. Eat delicious, healing farm-to-fork food. Spread some mulch; sow some seed. Get intimate with nature and find your unadulterated self. We would love to see you at our Hawaii retreat.

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Aloha Garden Afterschool Program

Bodhidevi and Gingerhill Farm are offering this unique after-school experience for kids that combines yoga, exercise, and farming to create a fun, safe, and challenging environment for exploration and growth.

The Aloha Garden Program’s objective is to expand the community’s knowledge of health, wellness, and sustainability.

Donations to our program will be used to buy supplies, pay teacher salaries, and subsidize student cost to make the program more affordable for parents.


Working at Ginger Hill Farm was an extremely rewarding experience that I hope to be able to duplicate going forward in my life. Not only did I learn the ins and outs of organic farming, but I was also given the freedom to develop my own projects to benefit the farm. My experience at Ginger Hill was educational, enlightening, and inspiring.
Zakary Jaques




We venerate ALOHA

and give thanks for this food,
the work of many beings
and the offerings of all forms of life.


Gingerhill Farm Retreat

Gingerhill Farm Retreat

Gingerhill Farm Retreat

Gingerhill Farm Retreat

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