Nurturing Self Care for a Zero Waste Lifestyle

A look at self-care products and options for low-toxin, biodegradable, zero-waste alternatives for a zero waste lifestyle. This is the third blog in a series of discussions on how to create less trash while providing for our genuine needs. Self-care must go beyond...

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Creating a Zero-Waste Kitchen for a Zero Waste Lifestyle

This the second blog in a series of discussions on how to go zero-waste and create less trash.  Zero Waste Shopping for a Zero Waste Lifestyle covers why zero-waste living is important, how to create a reusable shopping kit, and how to shop in bulk. In this article,...

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Zero Waste Shopping for a Zero Waste Lifestyle

This week, avid environmental activist and Gingerhill team member Sarah Montano will be discussing the most critical components of living a zero waste lifestyle. Practicing Zero Waste Shopping for a Zero Waste Lifestyle This blog is the first in a series of...

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Ecstatic Dance, Big Island Hawaii Style

This week we are featuring the post "Ecstatic Dance, Big Island Hawaii Style" from our sister site,! Are you seeking ecstatic dance Big Island style? Or looking to learn more about what ecstatic dance is? Most know it as an eccentric, potentially...

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Plant Intelligence and Living a Sustainable Lifestyle

We embrace a sustainable lifestyle at Gingerhill. Living sustainably is not as simple as recycling and composting. It is a comprehensive and challenging practice that often requires sacrificing life’s material comforts for the sake of the planet. Using a compost...

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The Pursuit of Self Sustainability

As an eco-friendly farm and retreat center, we are always striving to reduce inputs and become more self sustaining. But becoming a completely self sustaining farm is an incredibly lofty task! It doesn’t happen overnight, or even over the course of several years....

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Have You Heard of Chayote Fruit?

Have you heard of chayote fruit? Perhaps its a family favorite, a staple in your native culture. Or perhaps you have never heard of it at all! Chayote grows best in warm, tropical and subtropical climates. Of Central American...

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Fasting 101

This week we are re-posting a blog from our sister project, a holistic health and wellness service for women called Bodhidevi. Bodhidevi strives to allow women to realize their fullest selves through yoga, exercise, nutrition, meal service programs, Ayurvedic therapy,...

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Striving to Be the Best Farm Stay Hawaii Can Offer

At Gingerhill, we are passionate about sustainability, organic living, and community. Our volunteers and interns hail from all different areas and traditions, and each bring a wealth of knowledge and talent to our operation. Instead of embracing rigid dogmatism and...

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Christmas Dinner: Merriment Meets Sustainable Eating

Though our community members tend toward more secular and spiritual beliefs than religious ones, we jump at any chance to celebrate the joy of living and cook up some good food! Christmas at the farm this year was a splendid, decorative, fun, and delicious evening of...

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Coffee Pruning at Gingerhill

If you are interested in finding one of the most comprehensive Big Island farm tours on the Kona side, look no further! Our farm has it all, from fruit trees and vegetables gardens to food forests and livestock. One of the most intriguing aspects of our farm tour,...

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The Best Affordable, Sustainable, Organic Gifts

Consumers are slowly but steadily becoming more conscious of the environmental and ethical consequences of their purchasing decisions. These new attitudes are incentivizing several small organic companies and stimulating greater interest in sustainable and organic...

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Add Some Aloha to Your Holiday Organic Cooking

Christmas in Hawaii is magical. Many families choose to spend their holiday breaks vacationing in Hawaii. Indeed, it's a great way to get away from the cold and bustle of the mainland. But while the holidays in Hawaii are great fun, they don’t always feel like, well,...

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The Slow Food Movement and Gingerhill

The Slow Food Movement: a buzz-worthy phrase, a movement, a philosophy, a lifestyle…or all of the above? There are several people that subscribe to so-called Slow Food philosophies. Others participate in organizations touting the Slow Food movement banner, like Slow...

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Why Farming is Great for Your Kids

You know that physical activity is absolutely essential to your child's physical health and mental development. You know that extracurricular after school programs for kids are vital in fostering personal passions and skills. And you know that spending time in nature...

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Ecotourism and Tours in Hawaii

Ecotourism has re-emerged as a buzzword among social justice warriors over the course of the past decade. However, the concept actually dates back to the early 1980’s. Since then, many individuals have designed their own forms of ecotourism in an effort to save the...

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To Till or Not to Till? Examining Organic Farming Techniques

Tilling: time old trick, or outdated agricultural method? The practice of tilling has existed for generations, and it is beneficial in many instances. However, the No-Till movement of recent decades has exposed the failures of tilling practices and offered practical...

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Cacao: The Food of the Gods

Whether your luxury of choice is a decadent milk chocolate bar or raw cacao powder sprinkled in a smoothie, you know just how rewarding to the senses the rich chocolate taste of cocoa products can be. The good news is: that reward isn’t limited to the sensation of...

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Earthships: Pro or Con for Agriculture in Hawaii?

Earthships: bastions of sustainability or green-washing parading as a lifestyle? It’s hard to say. The intention and design of the Earthship model is a venerable one, and these sustainable homes are remarkably successful for many. However, there are drawbacks to...

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