Welcome to Gingerhill Farm Retreat: Where Sustainability and Harmony with Nature Flourish in Big Island Hawaii

Clean Food

Once upon a time in the heart of South Kona’s “Greenbelt” in Hawaii, a remarkable eco-friendly resort named Gingerhill Farm Retreat emerged as a beacon of sustainability and self-sufficiency. Founded by the renowned Japanese artist Mayumi Oda, lovingly referred to as “The Matisse of Japan,” the resort was not just a place for relaxation, but a sanctuary dedicated to the principles of clean food and environmental stewardship.

In the year 2000, Mayumi Oda acquired a rugged and untamed five-acre plot of land with a vision to create a farm that would produce clean, uncontaminated food. Her decade-long involvement as an anti-nuclear and non-GMO activist had heightened her awareness of the urgency to provide people with nourishing, nutrient-dense food. The land she purchased was initially overgrown with weeds and invasive tree species, posing a considerable challenge. But Mayumi was determined to transform it into a lush and thriving botanical oasis.

With the support of international guests who came to reside and learn with her, the once barren land was gradually converted into productive terraces, orchards, and gardens. Together, they toiled diligently, clearing the land and planting various crops. As the years passed, Gingerhill Farm Retreat blossomed into a haven of greenery, and its reputation as one of the finest eco-friendly resorts in Hawaii spread far and wide.

Sustainability, Self-Sufficiency and Stewardship of the Land

In 2011, Mayumi’s son, Zachary, and his wife, Iris, left their life in Brazil to join the endeavor. Taking the reins as directors of the farm, they continued their mother’s legacy and furthered her mission to inspire people to reconnect with nature and lead a more harmonious life. Their efforts were deeply rooted in the principles of sustainability, self-sufficiency, and responsible stewardship of the land.


The Gingerhill Lifestyle on Big Island Hawaii

Today, Gingerhill Farm Retreat stands tall as a living testament to their vision. Visitors from all corners of the globe flock to the resort not only to experience its serene beauty but to partake in the profound learning experience it offers. Guests have the opportunity to immerse themselves in the art of growing and cooking the freshest, healthiest produce possible. It’s a place where visitors can not only enjoy the luxuries of an eco-friendly resort but also gain valuable insights into sustainable living practices.

two men doing yoga together surrounded by a tropical forest paradise

Our Daily Practices for Holistic Wellbeing

At Gingerhill Farm Retreat, the focus is not just on individual wellness but also on the well-being of the entire community and the planet. Through their dedication to sustainable practices, they seek to encourage kindness toward oneself, neighbors, and the environment alike.

Rewarding Work, Enriching Connection with Nature

As the sun sets over the lush landscape of Gingerhill Farm Retreat, guests are left with a profound sense of harmony, connectedness, and gratitude for the natural world. Mayumi Oda’s legacy lives on through the thriving community she established, and her vision of a greener, healthier future continues to inspire all who visit this exceptional eco-friendly haven in Hawaii.

Join Us at Gingerhill Farm Retreat

As you seek an authentic and fulfilling eco-friendly resort experience on Big Island Hawaii, Gingerhill Farm Retreat awaits with open arms. Embrace a lifestyle founded on sustainability, self-sufficiency, and connection to nature, and immerse yourself in the island’s beauty. Book your stay today and embark on a transformative journey harmonizing your wellbeing with the natural world. Mahalo!

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