Craters, lava fields, jungles, valleys–you can really experience it all on the Big Island! Below are just a few of the best hikes Big Island Hawaii has to offer. These gorgeous hikes are among the many that the Gingerhill community enjoys. If you’re looking for more, contact us at gingerhillfarmretreat@gmail.com.

Captain Cook Monument Trail

The Captain Cook Monument Trail, located just 5 minutes from our grounds, is a moderately difficult 3.6 mile round-trip hike. Be prepared to descend and ascend 1,000 feet over the course of two miles. You might feel like you’re in an African savanna for the first mile, but you will soon reach lava rock, panoramic ocean views, and, at the bottom, the bright blue waters of Kealakekua Bay. Bring your snorkeling gear and plenty of water! The ocean life you will encounter at the bottom is what makes this one of the best hikes Big Island Hawaii has to offer.

Pololu Valley

The trail that descends into Pololu Valley is 2.6 miles round trip and boasts some of the most astonishing views of the Big Island’s lush jungle and clear cliffside waters. Though Pololu is two hours from Gingerhill, it is well worth the drive. In the valley you will find rope swings, camp grounds, and ample space to lounge. You can also go for a swim or take a longer hike up the other side of the valley. Pololu Valley makes for an excellent day trip for the whole family.

Kilauea’iki Trail

The Kilauea’iki Trail, a moderately difficult, 4-mile round trip hike, is located just under 2 hours south of Gingerhill Farm at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park. The Island community prides this trail as one of the best hikes Big Island Hawaii has to offer. The trail descends into the Kilauea crater, which touts a novel, desertous sort of beauty. The beginning of the trail traverses through an ohia forest and then enters the crater floor. You may see steaming fissures, small shrubs, and curious rock formations throughout your journey. Be sure to bring lots of water, as you will be in direct sunlight for dos of your hike.

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