Sustainable Living Course

Need a break from your life? Lacking Inspiration? Want to learn new life skills?


Come spend a week with us on our organic farm on the Big Island and experience one of the finest wellness and agriculture internships in Hawaii. We believe that a week with us will make an indelible change in your life, giving you a new perspective from which to view health, nature, and community.

Our Sustainable Living Course interns:


  • Become part of our Community.

  • Eat incredible food from our gardens.

  • Join us in our daily routine of Meditation, Yoga, Cooking, and Farming.

Come try the Gingerhill Farm Lifestyle and see if it doesn’t agree with you.


We have been studying in Brazil with agroforestry master Ernst Gotsch.

We think his Syntropic Farming is the future of sustainable agriculture; able to regenerate large tracts of depleted land and restore local ecosystems. We are eager to share these awesome new farming techniques with you.


agriculture internships in syntropic farming

The Sustainable Living Course is designed to teach the following:

  • Foundation for a personal Meditation Practice.
  • Foundation for a personal Yoga Practice
  • Basics of Healthful, Gourmet Cooking
  • Basics of Seeding, Growing, Harvesting and Preparing nutrient-dense food.

January 20th – 27th 2019

Daily Routine:

6:00 am Meditation

6:30 am Yoga/Workout

8:30 am Farming Class

12:00 pm Cooking Class

1:00pm Lunch

4:00 pm Prepare Medicine

6:00 pm Sunset Meditation (optional)

6:30 pm Dinner Prep

7:00 pm Dinner

The cost is $1499.  

This covers your room, meals, the daily routine, and all field trips. Participants should bring additional funds for food and personal items.

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