“Yoga is the cessation or inhibition of the fluctuations and variations of the mind.”
– Patanjali


Private Classes

  • 1 session $70
  • 3 sessions $200
  • 5 sessions $300
The word Yoga in Sanskrit means “union,” “harmony” or “integration.” It is both a philosophical system and a science of self-awareness. Yoga represents a process through which one can learn how to live in the most integrated way, reaching a state of consciousness in which all fluctuations of the mind – thoughts and emotions – have ceased. We then perceive our true Self–the source of all creation. This Self has different names depending on the religious tradition: “God,” “Goddess,” “Brahman,” “Allah”, “Jah” and “Buddha.” The ultimate goal of yoga is to attain a direct experience with this true Self. Interim goals are peace, balance, and contentment.

At Gingerhill, we embrace yoga as a form of physical, emotional, and spiritual healing, and we invite guests to do the same. We specifically practice Power Yoga, which combines the fast pace and physicality of Ashtanga with the attention to proper technique and alignment of Iyengar. With an emphasis on the fluid synchronization of breath with movement, Power Yoga offers a total-body workout, an excellent choice for anyone interested in losing weight and developing a stronger, leaner body. We are also introducing Kahuna yoga, a gentler practice designed to strengthen, balance, and heal a tired body. Yoga yields a host of physical and mental benefits, aligning body and mind in a union of consciousness. Join us at Gingerhill to reap the benefits of the best of Hawaii Yoga.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga is one of the few forms of exercise that simultaneously strengthens the body and improves flexibility. Having strong and flexible muscles is crucial to maintaining good posture and balance, which in turn protects the musculoskeletal system. Those who practice yoga on a regular basis are less likely to suffer from injury, pain, and bone density loss.

Detoxification is another notable benefit of maintaining a regular yoga practice. Yoga entails bodily movement that increases the heart rate, improving blood flow and delivering oxygen to the detoxification organs. Maintaining the flow of lymph fluid is also essential to the detoxification process. Because lymph fluid does not circulate automatically as the blood does, we must manually encourage its circulation through physical activity. Yoga is an excellent method of improving lymph flow, thereby ensuring that harmful toxins are efficiently excreted from the body. Finally, yoga entails movement of the torso that encourages healthy elimination, reducing the toxic load on the organs. Detoxification is particularly essential to a Hawaii Yoga practice, as the toxic elements of volcanic smog tax the body’s detoxification system.

Stress induces a host of physical and mental ailments. Elevated cortisol levels and the resultant inflammatory response contribute to the development of depression, anxiety, obesity, diabetes, headaches, and asthma. Yoga is proven to reduce cortisol levels and is, therefore, one of the best ways to prevent and treat illness. Practicing yoga regularly effectively reduces symptoms of inflammatory conditions, and is particularly helpful to those weaning off of medications. Cortisol reduction can be beneficial even for those who do not suffer from an acute medical condition, as lower levels of cortisol contribute to a positive mood, improved sleep, tension relief, and pain reduction.

Mindful Hawaii Yoga

Yoga is not simply a physical exercise, but also an exercise in mindfulness. Those who practice yoga regularly refine their intuitive capacities, becoming more aware of their bodies and minds. For many, yoga is part of a spiritual journey, fostering a sense of connection with self, others, and the universe. The tapas, or heat, that motivate a regular yoga practice can be transferred to other areas of life. Thus, yoga can elevate intuition and discipline in work situations and relationships. Yoga may even promote weight loss by encouraging intuitive eating.

one-armed push up Hawaii yogaIris Rosa Lami

“For me, health is the most important goal,” says Iris. Sixteen years of study and practice in Yoga and Ayurveda have shown her that this means achieving equilibrium between the Body, Mind and Spirit. Recently, while studying agroforestry in Brazil, Iris reconnected with the vital importance of being in harmony with Nature. Today as co-director of Gingerhill Farm Retreat, Iris teaches how to use your environment, food and exercise to create vibrant communities based on sustainable agriculture and healthy habits.

In 2007 she began her training in Traditional Ayurvedic Yoga Massage (Kusum Modak Method). In 2008 she received her Training and Development in Yoga and Meditation Certification with Marco Shultz. She completed her training in Ayurvedic Therapy in 2010.

The Big Island was a natural choice for her. She had grown up hiking the breathtaking trails and perfect beaches of her native Florianopolis, a small island in the south of Brazil. Hawaii was halfway across the world, far from her family and her beloved Brazil. But she was immediately inspired by the energy of the volcano and its deity, Madame Pele. Iris let the fire guide her way.

Iris leads a powerful, Vinyasa-inspired class. It combines her love of movement with the technical practice of yoga. Her goal is to teach her students to embrace the divine within them. She inspires us to use yogic practice, medicinal food and organic farming to align the mind and body and foster spiritual awakening in ourselves.


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