Join the Gingerhill community for a fun and challenging session of Martial Arts Hawaii style! Zachary Nathan offers decades of experience in training and teaching Martial Arts to offer a multifaceted class that’s perfect for beginners and seasoned practitioners alike. Cultivate, power, focus, mindfulness, confidence, and agility. Engage the mind and body while having fun and learning practical self-defense! We encourage both visitors and Big Island residents to try a class. Children of all ages are welcome.

What is Martial Arts Hawaii Style?

We have distilled the essence of Martial Arts disciplines from all over the world to create this basic class in martial theory. Our goal is to teach practical self-defense and efficient body mechanics. This class utilizes partner-based games and flow drills to explore effective self-defense applications. Our goal is to mimic real-life situations in a controlled setting in order to learn how to relax under stress. Come learn to defend against a knife-wielding attacker. Perfect the one-inch knockout punch. A great workout in one of the most beautiful settings on earth. Join a class today!

The Benefits of Martial Arts Hawaii Style

Martial Arts are capable of improving almost every aspect of your physical and mental health. Additionally, practicing in the clean air and vibrant sunshine of Hawaii’s lush, tropical beauty compounds the sport’s many benefits. Training Martial Arts Hawaii helps to improve:


  • Muscular strength.
  • Cardiovascular health.
  • Flexibility and posture.
  • Bone density.
  • Mindfulness and concentration.
  • Depression and anxiety.
  • Self-esteem.
  • Protection against cognitive decline.

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