Whole organic turmeric roots

Gingerhill has been propagating organic, non-gmo turmeric in our gardens and food forests for nearly 20 years. Our whole turmeric root thrives in the rich volcanic soils and equatorial sunshine that bless our family farm. We are happy to offer our community whole turmeric which excels as a powerful anti-inflammatory, a delicious spice, or a medicinal food.

Price: turmeric whole roots $7/lb (min 50 lbs) + $15 shipping 

Organic turmeric powder

Gingerhill’s turmeric powder is created from high-quality, organic turmeric freshly harvested from our gardens. Created with skill and aloha, our handcrafted turmeric powder is great for cooking, capsulating, and topical application.

Price: turmeric powder $50/lb + $15 shipping

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