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Our Practices

We encourage guests and community to develop a restive self-care practice. Setting aside time for stillness, reflection, and restoration preserves the serenity and integrity of the mind and body. We therefore incorporate meditation and yoga into our daily routine for spiritual enrichment and grounding. Our Ayurvedic Specialist consults with our community members about their sleep habits as well. Sleep is crucial to consolidating learned information, healing the muscles, and detoxifying the organs.

Gingerhill Farm Retreat provides the best of Big Island Hawaii vacations, inviting guests to join our restorative, joyful, and rewarding lifestyle. We believe that balance is the cornerstone of healthy living. Excessive living exhausts the body’s resources and dulls the senses, detracting from the pleasures of everyday experiences. We therefore emphasize the importance of maintaining a healthy equilibrium between rest, work, and leisure. To impart the importance of healthy, enjoyable daily habits, we encourage guests to sign up for meals, yoga, meditation, and leisure.
Work at Gingerhill is not the dull, monotonous work of a typical nine-to-five. At Gingerhill, we believe that work should be enjoyable, active, and rewarding. Thus we take to the gardens after morning meditation. Harvesting, planting, and enriching the land strengthens and energizes the body without overtaxing it. Through our daily agricultural practices, we maintain a reciprocal relationship with nature, tending to the land in exchange for the rejuvenation and bountiful harvests that it offers. Our community members are deeply invested in the fertility of our orchards and gardens. For them, it is more than a job; it’s a mission in sustainability which instills them with a sense of pride and purpose. Our retreat differs from many other Big Island Hawaii vacations because we invite guests to share our passion by joining us in our work.


The leisure activities of modern living—partying, overeating, sedentary activities, and the like—tend to be more taxing than restorative. Instead, the Gingerhill community embraces leisure with purpose. We avoid activities that disrupt our spiritual foundations and disconnect us from our bodies, instead, engaging in that which relaxes our bodies and minds while fortifying our sense of connection with the earth, self, and community. Our farm is located within minutes of several beaches, and we often spend afternoons immersed in the healing island waters. Members of our community exercise or tend to the land for leisure as well. Our tight-knit community enjoys dinners, events, and outings together that heighten our connectedness and strengthen channels of communication.

Nourishing Meals

Finally, we dedicate great energy to preparing healthy, restorative meals with local, organic, medicinal produce from our farm. We cook with the intent of rejuvenation, preparing foods in accordance with Ayurvedic principles in order to detoxify the body and strengthen digestion. Proper nourishment is foundational to wellness, and we feed our community with care to ensure harmonious working and living. However, we also believe that meals should be enjoyable. We enjoy eating food that is both healthy and delicious, and we experiment with all different types of cuisine. Grateful for all the diversity available to us on the Big Island Hawaii, we strive to make each meal served at Gingerhill enriching, flavorful, and unique.

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