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Sustainability, Sefl-Sufficiency and Stewardship of the Land

In 2011, her son, Zachary, moved from Brazil with his wife Iris, to take over as the directors of the farm. Since that time they have worked hard to develop a productive and harmonious community dedicated to wellness and education.

Their mission is to inspire people to reconnect with nature and be kinder to themselves, their neighbors and the planet.

Clean Food

Our founder, artist Mayumi Oda, is widely known as “The Matisse of Japan.” In 2000, She bought a steep and rocky five-acre plot in the heart of South Kona’s “Greenbelt. She had spent the last ten years as an anti-nuclear and non-GMO activist. It had instilled her with an urgency to create a farm for growing clean, uncontaminated food. In the beginning, the land was full of weeds and invasive tree species. With the help of international guests who came to live and train with her, she converted it into a verdant, botanical oasis. They built terraces, clearing land and planting orchards and gardens. Today, when people think of eco friendly resorts in Hawaii, Gingerhill Farm Retreat is the place for learning how to grow and cook the freshest, most nutrient-dense food imaginable.

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