We don’t just grow the best organic food Hawaii can produce; we also exercise, meditate, and practice a healthy lifestyle. Hear what the press has to say about our venue, purpose, and daily practices.

On this Hawaiian farmland, everything is a circleGingerhill Farm Retreat offers unique farm-to-table experience

After one year and eight months, I finally started traveling again. My first trip since Pandemic was to revisit a place on the Big Island of Hawaii called Gingerhill Farm . In November, 2018, I stayed at the Sunset Suite of this farm which I randomly found on Airbnb, that’s how I met the female Japanese painter, the farm owner Mayumi Oda. At that time, I only stayed for three days. At the farewell moment, she said, ‘Please come again and stay a bit longer.’ I said I will.”



Gingerhill Farm Retreat offers unique farm-to-table experience

Every other Saturday evening Gingerhill Farm hosts a farm-to-table experience that brings together a group of community members (locals and visitors) to eat a homegrown meal and learn about sustainable living.


8 Ways to Have an Eco-friendly Bridal Shower

“Spring is the perfect time to throw an outdoor bridal shower. Everyone’s excited about being out in the sun after a long, cold winter, and the environmental impact is lessened because you’re cutting back on lighting and energy costs, say Iris and Zach Nathan of Gingerhill Farm.”



Renowned Percussionist Dendê Macêdo Recycling Trash Into Musical Treasure

The Conversation caught up with Macêdo while he was in Hawaiʻi to teach percussion workshops. He held a couple of Big Island workshops for kids, teens and adults in Kealakekua at the Gingerhill Farm Retreat.

-Hawai’i Public Radio


These 8 home gyms will make you want to work out

“They turned their open-air garage into a multi-use space complete with interlocking padded flooring, benches, pull-up stations, kettle balls, wooden blocks and an Olympic bar. ‘It’s our meditation hall at 6 a.m., our cross-training gym at 7 a.m. and our yoga studio at 11 a.m.'”


Making Peace at Gingerhill


“At Ginger Hill, farmers wake before dawn for meditation, do yoga between tasks, barter for goods, pray for peace in the living world prior to every shared meal, and its founder makes art of female goddesses…There is a rhythm to this sort of life.”


Gardening Trends 2018 – 34 Experts Share Their Opinions


“(Syntropic farming) systems sequester carbon and can be adapted to large tracts of land. In reducing inputs and multiplying crop yields, syntropic farming offers a sustainable and economically viable approach to organic farming.”


Making a Difference: Gingerhill Farm


“Founded in 2000 by world-reknown artist and avid gardner, Mayumi Oda, Gingerhill Farm offers an alternative, clean lifestyle and promotes vibrant wellness, spiritual growth and stewardship of the planet.”

-BLDG 25

23 Simple Ways to Be More Eco-Friendly in the Kitchen


“According to Iris and Zach, co-directors of Gingerhill Farm Retreat, a farm community dedicated to exploring sustainability, self-sufficiency, and stewardship of the land, white or apple cider vinegars are both excellent alternatives to conventional cleaning solutions.”

-Best Company

28 Personal Development Experts, Authors, and Blogs to Follow in 2019


“Gingerhill Farm Retreat’s weekly blog is your go-to resource for living sustainably. Inspired by eco-friendly agricultural practices and the village model of living, Gingerhill hosts a community of like-minded individuals who strive to live as holistically as possible.”

-Up Journey

Could the Kansa Wand Facial Tool Replace Your Jade Roller?


“Iris Lami, owner and ayurvedic therapist at the Gingerhill Farm Retreat…says ‘imbalanced doshas can create a whole host of health complications, so it’s important to maintain a regimen that includes regular detoxification practices.'”

Gingerhill Farm Kitchen

“Mayumi moved to Kealakekua in 200, where she began cultivating a five-acre former Greenwell property she calls Gingerhill Farm. Today, it serves as her home, her art studio, and an education retreat that highlights organic and sustainable farming.”

-At Home Magazine

How to Teach Your Children About Sustainability

“‘Working on a farm teaches about personal responsibility, reciprocity, and the role that nature plays in sustaining our bodies,’ Nathan an Lami say. ‘Children learn that their actions constitute personal responsibility by observing what happens when they do (or don’t) water a tree, handle a plant with care, or feed an animal.'”

-The Sunday Edit

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