Sustainable Living Course

June – August 2107  Open Enrollment

Need a break from your life? Lacking Inspiration? Want to learn new life skills?

Come spend the summer with us on the farm.

Join our Community. Eat great food. Practice our daily routine of Meditation, Yoga, Cooking,

and Farming.

The Sustainable Living Course is designed to teach these skills:

  • Foundation for a personal Meditation Practice.

  • Foundation for a personal Yoga Practice

  • Basics of Healthful, Gourmet Cooking

  • Basics of Seeding, Growing, Harvesting and Prepping nutrient-dense food.

  • Basic concepts and techniques of Syntropic Farming. (Agroforestry as taught by Ernst Gotsch)

  • Basics of Mindful, Ergonomic Work


  • Stress reduction

  • Increased concentration and focus

  • Improved health and longevity

  • Improved strength and flexibility

  • Longterm injury prevention

  • Improved confidence

  • Mindfulness

  • Connection to nature

  • Improved understanding of natural energy cycles

The Cost is $1499 per month, paid in advance.  This covers your room, snack, lunch and the

daily routine.

Body weight resistance training is available for an additional $199/ month.

Participants should bring additional funds for food, personal items and field trips. 



To apply, please fill out a Personal Information Form and return it with a recent picture and a

short bio.

Be sure to mention any relevant skills or interests.



First Name

Last Name

Date of Birth

Place of Birth



P.O. Box




How long Do You Plan On Being With Us?

Do you have farming experience?


Cooking experience?

Building experience?

Eating restrictions?

If yes, describe here please:

If you have health concerns, please let us know:

How Did You Hear About Us?
Friends | Who?
Google | Search parameters?
Gingerhill Farm Website
Other | Please describe:

What is your principal area of interest here at Gingerhill Farm?
Permaculture/ Natural Farming
Healthy Food
Vacation/ Relaxation
Sightseeing | Please describe:
Other | Please describe:

Do you need and airport pick up? (Kona Airport) $60 fee

If Yes, We will need: Arrival time, Airline, Flight Number

Pre paid reservation by:
PaypalCredit Card

Special talents or skills. Please list.

Short Bio. One or two paragraphs about you.

Please attach a photo.



What to bring:
Plenty of work clothes. Both the soil and the bananas stain fabric a light brown color. We recommend long-sleeve
lightweight, breathable clothes. Expect to change shirts regularly. A sunhat. Sturdy shoes and or rain boots – water-
proof is nice on dewy mornings. Workout/ yoga wear. Towels. Non-toxic insect repellant. Biodegradable toothpaste soaps
and shampoo/ conditioner. Non-toxic mosquito coils or citronella candles. Rain slicker. bathing suit. Sturdy sandals or
Crocs. Water bottle.





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